About Us

Military & Industrial Connectors

Supplying the Most Reliable Connectors

Milnec Interconnect Systems is a leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance cylindrical interconnect systems. From research stations in the Antarctic to spacecraft on the plains of Mars, Milnec’s high-reliability connector systems conquer the most demanding environments. Milnec is a trusted source for high-performance cylindrical connectors, supplying interconnect solutions to leading companies across the globe.

Serving A Wide Range of Industries

Milnec connectors offer the highest reliability and service life for all types of applications, from mining rigs to missile systems. Milnec will exceed your quality and performance expectations. For questions about Milnec connectors, contact a technical support associate.

PC Tail Connector

Components Built With Quality & Precision

  • Parts made by computer control machining, cosmetic metal finishing, and stainless steel passivation
  • Traceability on 100% of Milnec parts
  • Quick lead times to support quantity needs, from R&D to production
  • “Just-in-time” delivery, kitting, and special packaging available
  • RoHS compliant materials & finishes available

Military Compatibility

  • Complete form, fit, function with mil-specs
  • Modern upgrades to legacy call-outs
  • Fully compatible accessories

Industries Served

  • Military & defense
  • Aerospace & space
  • Railway & mass transit
  • Industrial & heavy equipment

Complete, High-Reliability Solutions

  • “All-in-one” connector kits provide engineers with complete and professional connector solutions
  • Kits come with all the necessary connector parts
  • Technical data and part configurations available to help find connector solutions
  • Simple part builders help to assemble custom connectors

Global Logistics & Support

  • Fast delivery to any destination in the world
  • Order ship on average within 7 days (ARO)
  • Extensive inventories to support immediate product requirements