M85049 Connector Backshells & Accessories



M85049 Connector Backshells, Covers, & Accessories

Milnec provides a full range of M85049 style backshells and accessories. Miltary connectors are designed for demanding applications in the harshest environments. You can improve their capabilities and ensure reliability by installing them with protective accessories. Strain relief cable clamps are best for reducing cable tension on a connector. EMI/RFI backshells are required for electronically sensitive applications. When disconnecting connectors, it is always important to protect the contacts and coupling mechanism with a cover. Milnec offers all of these accessories and more, compatible with all major mil-spec connector series.

For additional help in specifying your M85049 style backshell or accessory solution, please contact a Milnec sales professional, or your authorized distributor for technical and sales support.

Milnec M85049 Cross-Reference.

Milnec COTS products are not qualified through the DLA and are not listed on the QPL.

RY Series Features & Benefits

  • Mil-Spec Compatible – 100% compatible M85049 accessories
  • Complete Kits – Get complete M85049 backshell and sealing accessories with your connector
  • Quick Delivery – Short production lead-times on most items


M85049 Environmental Backshells

M85049 EMI/RFI Environmental Backshells

M85049 Protective Covers

M85049 Strain Relief Backshells

M85049 E Nuts & Adapters

M85049 Accessories

M85049 EMI/RFI Non-Environmental Backshells

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