MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Size #16 PCB Pin Contacts

38999 Series I Size 16 PCB Pin Contacts

Product Description

D38999 PC Board ContactsPC Tail shielded contacts provide a cost effective packag­ing solution for limited space applications where connec­tors are attached to printed circuit boards. High reliability is assured with factory pre-assembled contacts and stan­dardized termination to the board. PC Tail contacts are available for MIL-DTL-38999 Series I.

For improved performance we recommend Milnec compatible MIL-DTL-38999 Series I style connectors.


  • SAE-AS39029: Mating interface meets or exceeds the requirements and specifications of M39029/58-364, except as indicated
  • Contact Material: Suitable copper alloy
  • Mating Interface Finish: Gold plate per IAW ASTM B488-01, Type II, Code C, Class 1.25 (.000050 Min) over nickel IAW AMS QQ-N-290, Class 1, .000050-.000100 thick

Data Sheet

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MIL-DTL-38999 Series I – #16 PCB Pin Contact Dimensions

Part NumberPopularABCDE Tail Stickout DL02, DL03 ShellsE Tail Stickout DL00, DL04, DL07 Shells
TXPT16-101.870 (22.10).237 (6.02).328 (8.33).062 (1.58).180 (4.57)
TXPT16-102 .882 (22.40).305 (7.75).280 (7.11).062 (1.58).192 (4.88)
TXPT16-103 .940 (23.88).385 (9.78).250 (6.35).062 (1.58).250 (6.35).040 (1.02)
TXPT16-1041.044 (26.52).411 (10.44).328 (8.33).062 (1.58).354 (8.99).144 (3.66)
TXPT16-105 1.058 (26.87).426 (10.82).328 (8.33).062 (1.58).368 (9.35).158 (4.01)
TXPT16-1061.178 (29.92).545 (13.84).328 (8.33).062 (1.58).488 (12.4).278 (7.06)

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Extension Tolerances: ± 0.02 (0.5mm)

Note: #22M and #22D contacts are interchangeable. Tail stickout dimensions are for Milnec connectors. When used in compatible connectors from other brands, dimensions can vary as much as ±0.10 inches due to manufacturing differences.

How To Order Your Milnec MIL-DTL-38999 Series I Type Connector with PCB Contacts

To quickly order your 38999 connector prefilled with your preferred PC tail contacts, take your connector part number and replace the P (pin) or S (socket) with X (PC tail pin) or Y (PC tail socket) and simply add the Dash Number of the preferred contact tail length. For example to order a DL07W11-35PN with DLPT22-106 PC tail contacts, order DL07W11-35XN-106.