D38999 Series IV Type Composite EMI/RFI Environmental Backshells • (TBC2)


These D38999 Series IV style composite backshells offer the same protection as metal backshells while also providing a significant savings in design weight. The backshells are available in straight and 90° configurations and feature strain relief cable clamps, environmental sealing rated to IP67, and 360° shield termination hardware. They provide complete EMI/RFI and environmental protection for all mission-critical designs.


Compatible BrandsPlugsReceptacles
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IVD38999/46, D38999/47D38999/40, D38999/44, D38999/49
G&H Tech/CooperBL06, BLG6BL00, BL03, BL07
DeutschDIV/46DIV/40, DIV/44, DIV/45, DIV/48