M83723/84 — M83723/85 Threaded Jam Nut Recept. • Mil Spec Type • (EVT7)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


The M83723 type jam nut receptacle (M83723/84 & M83723/85 styles) provides increased environmental protection due to its single mounting hole. An integrated silicone O-ring offers additional sealing for environmental installations. A cover is recommended to protect the connector when it is not in use.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-83723M83723/84, M83723/85M83723/86, M83723/87, M83723/91, M83723/92, M83723/95, M83723/96
Aero / ConesysAE83384, AE83385AE83386, AE83387, AE83391, AE83392, AE83395, AE83396, AE83397, AE83398
Amphenol/MatrixMT34MT36, MT37, MT38
Deutsch / TEDBA34DBA36