M83723 Type Crimp Contacts & Sealing Plugs

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


EV Series M83723 crimp style contacts are machined from copper alloy and are gold plated for the highest electrical continuity and corrosion resistance. The series offers contacts in sizes #12, #16, and #20, which are suitable for 12-24 AWG wire and are rated for up to 23 amps. In addition, thermocouples are available in sizes #16 and #20. Sealing plugs are required for any open positions in a connector to maintain reliable environmental protection.


Compatible BrandsConnectors
MIL-DTL-5015 CrimpMS3450, MS3451, MS3454, MS3456, MS3459
Aero ElectricAE550, AE551, AE554, AE556, AE559
Amphenol/Matrix9440, 9441, 9444, 9446, 9816
J-Tech/ConesysDC60, DC61, DC62, DC63
ITT CannonCV3450, CV3451, CV3454, CV3456, CV3459

Contact SizeContact StylePart NumberWire Size(AWG)Wire Range (Dia)Jacket Strip LengthCrimping ToolPositionerInsertion ToolExtraction Tool
#20Standard PinEVPP2020, 22, 24.020–.032 (.51–.81).157 (4.00)TK101TP102
Standard SocketEVSS20
Sealing PlugEVSP20
#16Standard PinEVPP1616, 18, 20.032–.050 (.81–1.29).236 (6.00)TN207TX208
Standard SocketEVSS16
Sealing PlugEVSP16
#12Standard PinEVPP1212, 14.064–.080 (1.62–2.05).236 (6.00)TN209TX210
Standard SocketEVSS12
Sealing PlugEVSP12

Dimensions are in inches (mm) unless otherwise noted.