M85049/10 Type EMI/RFI Environmental Backshell • (RY85049/10)


EMI/RFI environmental backshells offer the best in EMI and environmental protection in harsh environments. They feature elastomer glands to seal the entry points, preventing the ingress of dust, dirt, moisture, and liquids. Internal hardware makes for convenient shield termination.

Connector Compatibility

Mil-Spec Part NumberCompatible Connector Series
M85049/10AS50151 Series 34001 MIL-DTL-26482 Series II
AS81703 Series III MIL-DTL-83723 Series I & III 40M39569, DEF 5326-3, EN 2997
EN 3646, ESC 10, ESC 11, LN 29504 NFC93422 Series HE302
PAN 6432-1, PAN 6432-2, PATT 602