38999 Series II Contacts

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38999 Contacts

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MIL-DTL-38999 Series II type contacts offer engineers a variety of options in interconnect design and density, with up to 128 #22D contacts in one connector. In addition, many specialty contacts are available, including coax and thermocouples.


Compatible BrandsPlugsReceptacles
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IIMS27473, MS27484MS27472, MS27474, MS27497, MS27499, MS27508, MS27513
Aero/ConesysAE273, AE284AE208, AE213, AE272, AE274, AE297, AE299
AmphenolJT06, JTG06JT00, JTPQ00, JT01, JT02, JTP02, JT07
ITT CannonKJ6, KJG6KJ0, KJ2, KJ3, KJ5, KJ7
Souriau8T68T1, 8T2, 8L3, 8T7

Power Contacts

Contact SizeContact StylePart NumberWire Size(AWG)Wire Range (Dia)Jacket Strip LengthCrimping ToolPositionerInsertion ToolExtraction Tool
#22DStandard PinDSPP2222, 24, 26, 28.012–.025 (.32–.64).157 (4.00)TK201TP209TN801TX802
Standard SocketDSSS22TP206
Sealing PlugDSSP22No Tooling Required
#22MStandard PinDSPP22M24, 26, 28.012–.020 (.32–.51).157 (4.00)TK201TP209TN801TX802
Standard SocketDSSS22MTP206
Sealing PlugDSSP22MNo Tooling Required
#22Standard PinDSPP22A22, 24, 26.016–.025 (.41–.64).157 (4.00)TK201TP209TN803TX804
Standard SocketDSSS22ATP206
Sealing PlugDSSP22ANo Tooling Required
#20Standard PinDSPP2020, 22, 24.020–.032 (.51–.81).197 (5.00)TK101TP104
Standard SocketDSSS20
Sealing PlugDSSP20No Tooling Required
#16Standard PinDSPP1616, 18, 20.032–.050 (.81–1.29).236 (6.00)TK101TP104
Standard SocketDSSS16
Sealing PlugDSSP16No Tooling Required
#12Standard PinDSPP1212, 14.064–.080 (1.62–2.05).236 (6.00)TK101TP104
Standard SocketDSSS12
Sealing PlugDSSP12No Tooling Required

Dimensions are in inches (mm) unless otherwise noted.