Connector Accessory Kits

Once you have finished configuring your connector, you can select a number of accessories to protect and enhance the sealing properties of it. Protective covers can be added to seal the connector when uncoupled. Stowage receptacles keep unused connectors out of harm’s way. Mounting brackets, gaskets, and sealing screws help to maintain the environmental integrity of your enclosure. Learn more about connector accessories

The easiest way to add these accessories to your connector is to make a kit. Simply add to the end of your part number the modifier for the kit that best meets your needs and those accessories will be matched to fit your connector perfectly. To add accessories to the set we are building, we can simply select the 02 kit in the part builder to get a matching cover, mounting gasket, and cable bushing. for our receptacle. For our plug, the 01 kit provides a protective cover and a cable bushing.

Kit Options

  • 01 – Protective Cover (For Plugs), Cable Bushing (PS Series Only)
  • 02 – Protective Cover (For Receptacles), Mounting Gasket, Cable Bushing (PS Series Only)
  • 03 – 02 Kit (Above), Mounting Bracket, Sealing Screws


  • Accessories help to protect and enhance the sealing properties of connectors
  • Accessory kits are the easiest way to find matching parts for a connector
  • Kits can be added to any connector by including a simple modifier to the end of the part number