D38999 Size #16 Pin Coax PCB Contacts

Size 16 Coax PC Tail Contact

Product Description

D38999 PC Board ContactsCoaxial contacts are used in a wide range of military and aerospace connectors for analog radio frequency or microwave applications. Add to that the convenience and cost effectiveness of PC tail terminations for limited space applications where connec­tors are attached to printed circuit boards. Milnec offers both advantages in our coax PC Tail contacts, which are available for all MIL-DTL-38999 Series III type connectors.

For improved performance we recommend Milnec TX00 (D38999/20) and TX07 (D38999/24) style receptacles, which are fully compatible will all MIL-DTL-38999 Series III stye connectors.

Contact Performance: Size #16

  • Contact Resistance: Center @ 1 Amp, 55 millivolts max. voltage drop @ 25°C, Outer @ 1 Amp, 55 millivolts max. voltage drop @ 25°C
  • Operating Frequency: 0–500 MHz
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: Center to Outer 500 VAC Rms @ Sea Level
  • Insulation Resistance: 1,000 megohms minimum @ 25°C

Data Sheet

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D38999 Series III – #16 Coax PCB Pin Contact

TXPX16-201.782 (19.9).552 (14.0).298 (7.6).128 (3.3).063 (1.6).020 (0.5).079 (2.0).050 (1.3).019 (0.5).110 (2.8)

Extension Tolerances: ± 0.02 (0.5mm)

How To Order Your Existing D38999 Series III Connector with PCB Contacts

To quickly order your D389999 connector prefilled with your contact length, take one of the most popular call outs below and simply add the Dash Number of preferred tail length. For example to order a D38999/24WB35PN with PCB contacts with TXPT22-106 with .120 tail extension, order TX07W11-35XN-106. Coax PC tail contacts must be ordered separately.