MIL-DTL-5015 Contacts & Sealing Plugs

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


TM Series Type MIL-DTL-5015 contacts are machined from copper alloy and are gold plated for the highest electrical continuity and corrosion resistance. The series offers contacts in sizes #0, #4, #8, #12, and #16, which are suitable for 0-20 AWG wire and are rated for up to 150 amps. In addition, thermocouples are available in sizes #16 and #20. Sealing plugs are required for any open positions in a connector to maintain reliable environmental protection. Compatible with MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-C-5015 and SAE 50151.


Compatible BrandsConnectors
MIL-DTL-5015 CrimpMS3450, MS3451, MS3454, MS3456, MS3459
Aero ElectricAE550, AE551, AE554, AE556, AE559
Amphenol/Matrix9440, 9441, 9444, 9446, 9816
J-Tech/ConesysDC60, DC61, DC62, DC63
ITT CannonCV3450, CV3451, CV3454, CV3456, CV3459

Power Contacts

Contact SizeContact StylePart NumberWire Size(AWG)Wire Range (Dia)Jacket Strip LengthCrimping ToolPositioner (Turret)Die SetLocatorInsertion ToolExtraction Tool
#16PinTMPP1616, 18, 20.032–.050 (.81–1.29).236 (6.00)TK101A (Hand Crimper)TP102TN207TX208
Socket (Short Shell)TMSS16Z
Sealing PlugTMSP16
#12PinTMPP1212, 14.064–.080 (1.62–2.05).236 (6.00)TN209TN210
Sealing PlugTMSP12
#8PinTMPP088, 10.10–.12 (2.58–3.26).512 (13.00)TU2301 (Pneumatic Crimper)TD2302TL2309TX1501
Sealing PlugTMSP08
#4PinTMPP044, 6.16–2.0 (4.11–5.18).512 (13.00)TD2304TL2311TX1502
Sealing PlugTMSP04
#0PinTMPP000, 2.25–.32 (6.54–8.25).630 (16.00)TD2305TL2313TX1503
Sealing PlugTMSP00

Dimensions are in inches (mm) unless otherwise noted. Size 16 short shell sockets are required on short shells designated as 10S, 10SL, 12S, 14S, and 16S. No short pins required.