MS3102 Connector Receptacle • Mil Spec Type • (PM02)

Mil 5015 Bulkhead Receptacle



The PM02 box mount receptacle is built to the MIL-DTL-5015 specification for performance and reliability. It provides the same form, fit, and function as the MS3102A, MS3102C, MS3102E, and MS3102R call outs. It mates with MS3106, MS3108 connector plugs. The PM06 is designed with a low rear profile for mounting in confined spaces or where backshells are not required, but it does not have accessory threads for a backshell. A mounting gasket is recommended to seal the mounting location, as well as matching dust cover.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-5015 SolderMS3102MS3106, MS3108
Amphenol MS310297-310297-3106, 97-3108
Array MS3102AC3102AC3106, AC3108
DDK MS3102DM3102DM3106, DM3108
ITT Cannon MS3102CA3102CA3106, CA3108

MS3102 Most Popular Partnumbers – Use Part Builder for all

MIL SPEC Part NumberMilnec Part NumberDatasheetCheck Inventory
MS3102A10SL-3PPM02F10SL-3PN MS3102A10SL-3P DatasheetBuy MS3102A10SL-3P
MS3102A18-1PPM02F18-1PN MS3102A18-1P DatasheetBuy MS3102A18-1P
MS3102A18-1SPM02F18-1SN MS3102A18-1S DatasheetBuy MS3102A18-1S
MS3102A22-22PPM02F22-22PN MS3102A22-22P DatasheetBuy MS3102A22-22P
MS3102E10SL-3PPM02F10SL-3PN MS3102E10SL-3P DatasheetBuy MS3102E10SL-3P
MS3102E18-1PPM02F18-1PN MS3102E18-1P DatasheetBuy MS3102E18-1P
MS3102R10SL-3PPM02F10SL-3PN MS3102R10SL-3P DatasheetBuy MS3102R10SL-3P
MS3102R18-1PPM02F18-1PN MS3102R18-1P DatasheetBuy MS3102R18-1P
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MS3102EChat with Sales!