CL Series

waterproof connectors for industrial applications

Heavy Duty, 200A Power Distribution Connectors

The CL Series features heavy duty, IP67 rated, power connectors built to withstand the rigors of power
distribution applications for the most demanding industrial applications where reliability and safety are paramount. Connectors are designed with current-specific ratings ranging from 40 to 200 amps, with conductors ranging from size 6 to 4/0 AWG. The CL Series is built with industry leading safety features for complete protection to personnel and equipment under harsh environments, including an arc quenching design and strict unified keying for specific voltage, current, frequency, phase, and grounding.

For additional help in specifying your connector solution, please contact a Milnec sales professional, or your authorized distributor for technical and sales support.

PS Series Connectors

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
  • High-Current Rating, From 40–200 Amps
  • Heavy Duty Shell Construction
  • 6 to 4/0 AWG Compatible
  • Sealing Accessory Kits Available
  • O-Ring Seal on Coupling Ring
  • Arc Quenching Socket Design
  • 500 hour Salt Spray Rating
  • Accessories Included

Straight Plug • CL06

Cable plug with integrated backshell


A cable plug with an integrated backshell provides all-in-one IP67 environmental protection, including moisture sealing and strain relief. When disconnected, the plug should be sealed with the included protective cover to ensure high reliability.

Data Sheets

LM Series Cable Plug

Wall Mount Plug • CL09

Plugs for receptacles in confined spaces


The wall mount plug is intended for installation on equipment receiving power. It features pin contacts for equipment and personnel safety, along with a heavy-duty shell and a dust cover for reliability in harsh environments.

Data Sheets

LM Series Wall Mount Plug

Wall Mount Receptacle • CL00

Panel mounting with all-in-one protection


The wall mount receptacle is a basic receptacle with a four-hole flange for easy mounting on power sources. The included gasket seals the mounting location to maintain the environmental integrity of the enclosure.

Data Sheets

LM Wall Mount Receptacle

Cable Mount Receptacle • CL01

Receptacle for extension cord applications


Cable mount receptacles are used for extension cord applications. The integrated backshell and cable grip provide both strain relief and environmental protection. A dust cover is included.

Data Sheets

LM Cable Mount Receptacle

Dust Covers • CLCP/CLCR

Seal and protect all uncoupled connectors


A matching dust cover comes with every CL Series connector. Covers should always be used to environmentally seal and protect connectors from damage. In addition to protecting contacts, covers also protect the coupling threads from impact and debris, ensuring reliable coupling.

Data Sheets

LM Series Dust Cover

Mounting Gasket • CLGE

Environmentally seal your mounting point


Mounting gaskets will seal the mounting space between receptacles and a panel and ensure environmental protection. A gasket comes with every Milnec CL Series flange connector.

Data Sheets

LM Mounting Gasket

Cable Grip

Decrease the number of mounting components


Cable grips come with all CL Series cable mounted connectors. They offer strain relief to the connector and protect contact terminations from unnecessary abuse.

Data Sheets

LM Series Cable Grip

CL Series Contacts

Contacts for high-power delivery


CL Series contacts accommodate 6 to 4/0 AWG wire and are rated for up to 200 amps. If one becomes bent or broken, it can be replaced without sacrificing the entire connector.

Data Sheets

LM Contacts