Amphenol 91-56977x-xxx Connector Equivalent

91-56977x-xxx Connector & PC Tail Contact Equivalent

Milnec offers equivalents for Amphenol 91-56977x-xxx connectors in all shell sizes with matching PCB contacts. Milnec connectors are 100% compatible in form, fit, and function to the Amphenol counterparts. The connectors and contacts are built to the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III specification.

For new designs, Milnec offers a wide range of PCB contact lengths and sizes for use in standard TX00 (D38999/20), TX07 (D38999/24), and TX02 style receptacles, which are fully compatible will all MIL-DTL-38999 Series III stye connectors.


  • MIL-DTL-38999 Series III: Connector is 100% compatible in form, fit, and function to the mil-spec
  • Contact Material: Suitable copper alloy
  • Contact Finish: Gold plate per IAW ASTM B488-01, Type II, Code C, Class 1.25 (.000050 Min) over nickel IAW AMS QQ-N-290, Class 1, .000050-.000100 thick

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Popular Amphenol 91-56977x-xxx Configurations

Amphenol Part NumberContactsOrder Milnec Part Number
91-569771-35S6 x #22D PCB SocketsTX02N9-35YN-125
91-569772-35P13 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N11-35PN-125
91-569773-35S22 x #22D PCB SocketsTX02N13-35YN-125
91-569773-35P22 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N13-35XN-125
91-569774-35P37 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N15-35XN-125
91-569775-35P55 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N17-35XN-125
91-569776-35P66 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N19-35XN-125
91-569777-35P79 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N21-35XN-125
91-569778-35S100 x #22D PCB SocketsTX02N23-35YN-125
91-569779-35P128 x #22D PCB PinsTX02N25-35XN-125

How To Order Your Amphenol 91-56977x-xxx Equivalent with PCB Contacts

To quickly order your 91-56977x-xxx equivalent, you must first cross it to a Milnec part number. See our part builder for instruction on how to cross-reference your part.