88-5697 & 91-5697 PC Tail Connector Equivalents

Equivalents for Amphenol 88-5697 & 91-5697 Type Connectors & PC Tail Contacts

Milnec offers direct replacements for Amphenol 88-5697 and 91-5697 PC tail connectors. The Milnec equivalents are 100% compatible in form, fit, and function and are built to the MIL-DTL-38999 Series III specification for performance and durability. Three shell styles are available: wall mount, box mount, and jam nut receptacles. All are available in either olive drab cadmium or electroless nickel finishes.

Milnec has a number of size #22D, #22M, #20, #16, and #12 PCB contacts (also referred to as PC tail contacts or spill contacts) for mounting ruggedized D38999/20 and D38999/24 military type receptacle connectors directly to printed circuit boards or flex cable. Termination is achieved by a long “tail” extending from the rear of the contact. The length of the contact “shoulder” and subsequent “tail” are often the determining factors in contact selection. Amphenol 88/91- type contacts come in fixed lengths.

In addition to standard “on-the-shelf” PCB contacts, Milnec can also provide custom PCB contacts to fit any application design. Options include custom tail lengths, shoulder extensions, or 90° angled configurations. However, custom orders may be subject to longer lead times and minimum order quantities.

88/91- Equivalent PC Tail Connectors

88-5697 & 91-5697 PC Tail Connectors