M83723/71 — M83723/72 Bayonet Wall Recept. • Mil Spec Type • (EVB0)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


The M83723 type wall mount receptacle (M83723/71 & M83723/72 styles) features a four hole flange for easy installation on the front or back of a panel for application flexibility. A gasket and mounting bracket with sealing screws are recommended for added environmental protection. Compatible with all M83723 bayonet coupling plugs.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-83723M83723/71, M83723/72M83723/75, M83723/76, M83723/77, M83723/78
Aero / ConesysAE83371, AE83372AE83375, AE83376, AE83377, AE83378
Amphenol/MatrixMB30MB36, MB38
Deutsch / TEDL60DL66