D38999 Type Contacts

Standard Power Contacts & Tooling Charts


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In charts below you can find all the information required to order replacement contacts for all existing MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors. Next to each contact is appropriate tooling information for required crimper, positioner, insertion and extraction tweezers. Contacts are the conductive elements that establish the electrical connection between two halves of a connector in order to transmit signals and/or power. Contacts consist of male pins that mate into female sockets. Pin contacts are exposed and should be used on the “load” side of the circuit. Sockets are recessed into the insert so that no conductive part of the contact is exposed, keeping the operator and electrical system protected from harm or short circuits. Safety dictates that the socket contacts should be on the connector mounted on the live circuit, or power side.


Compatible BrandsPlugsReceptacles
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IIID38999/26D38999/20, D38999/24
Aero/ConesysAE326AE320, AE324
AmphenolTV06, TVS06TVP00, TVPS00, TVP07, TVPS07
DeutschDTS26DTS20, DTS24
Souriau8D5, 8DS06G8D0, 8D1, 8D7, 8DS00, 8DS07

Power Contacts

Contact SizeContact StylePart NumberWire Size(AWG)Wire Range (Dia)Jacket Strip LengthCrimping ToolPositionerInsertion ToolExtraction Tool
#22DStandard PinTXPP2222, 24, 26, 28.012–.025 (.32–.64).157 (4.00)TK201TP209
(pins only)
High-Cycle PinTXHP22
Standard SocketTXSS22TP207
(socket only)
High-Cycle SocketTXHS22
Sealing PlugTXSP22No Tooling Required
#20Standard PinTXPP2020, 22, 24.020–.032 (.51–.81).197 (5.00)TK101TP104
High-Cycle PinTXHP20
Standard SocketTXSS20
High-Cycle SocketTXHS20
Sealing PlugTXSP20No Tooling Required
#16Standard PinTXPP1616, 18, 20.032–.050 (.81–1.29).236 (6.00)TK101TP104
High-Cycle PinTXHP16
Standard SocketTXSS16
High-Cycle SocketTXHS16
Sealing PlugTXSP16No Tooling Required
#12Standard PinTXPP1212, 14.064–.080 (1.62–2.05).236 (6.00)TK101TP104
High-Cycle PinTXHP12
Standard SocketTXSS12
High-Cycle SocketTXHS12
Sealing PlugTXSP12No Tooling Required

Dimensions are in inches (mm) unless otherwise noted.