D38999 Type Banding Adapters With EMI/RFI Braid • (TXW2)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


Milnec is now offering a banding boot adapter complete with an EMI/RFI braid for applications that require high-performance shielding. Milnec sleeve braids conform to QQ-B-5758/A-A-59569 ASTM B33 and can be made to any length required. The optional overlaying boot ensures strain relief and complete IP67 environmental protection.


Compatible BrandsConnectors
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IIID38999/20, D38999/24, D38999/26
Aero/ConesysAE320, AE324, AE326
AmphenolTVP00, TVPS00, TV06, TVS06, TV07, TVS07
DeutschDTS20, DTS24, DTS26
ITT CannonKJA0, KJA6, KJA7
Souriau8D0, 8D1, 8D5, 8D7, 8DS00 8DS06G, 8DS07