MS3101 Connector • Mil Spec Type • (PM01)

MIL 5015 In Line Receptacle

MS3101 Datasheet


The PM01 is a modern replacement for MS3101A, MS3101C, MS3101E, MS3101R, and MS3101F cable receptacles and is designed for mounting on an extension cord. The integrated wire sealing backshell provides environmental protection, including moisture sealing and strain relief. When disconnected, the plug should be sealed with a matching dust cover to ensure high reliability.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-5015 SolderMS3101MS3106, MS3108
Amphenol MS310197-310197-3106, 97-3108
Array MS3101AC3101AC3106, AC3108
DDK MS3101DM3101DM3106, DM3108
ITT Cannon MS3101CA3101CA3106, CA3108

MS3101 Tooling

MS3101 Most Popular Partnumbers – Use Part Builder for all

MIL SPEC Part NumberMilnec Part NumberDatasheetCheck Inventory
MS3101A10SL-3PPM01F10SL-3PN MS3101A10SL-3P DatasheetBuy MS3101A10SL-3P
MS3101A10SL-4PPM01F10SL-4PN MS3101A10SL-4P DatasheetBuy MS3101A10SL-4P
MS3101A14S-2PPM01F14S-2PN MS3101A14S-2P DatasheetBuy MS3101A14S-2P
MS3101A14S-2SPM01F14S-2SN MS3101A14S-2S DatasheetBuy MS3101A14S-2S
MS3101A14S-5SPM01F14S-5SN MS3101A14S-5S DatasheetBuy MS3101A14S-5S
MS3101A14S-6PPM01F14S-6PN MS3101A14S-6P DatasheetBuy MS3101A14S-6P
MS3101A16-11SPM01F16-11SN MS3101A16-11S DatasheetBuy MS3101A16-11S
MS3101A18-10PPM01F18-10PN MS3101A18-10P DatasheetBuy MS3101A18-10P
MS3101F14S-6PPM01F14S-6PN MS3101F14S-6P DatasheetBuy MS3101F14S-6P
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