Soldering Station Kit

Data Sheet | (417 KB)

Milnec’s soldering station kit provides a complete solution for professionally terminating every Milnec PS or HS Series connector to stranded or solid core wire.

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature range 392°- 896°F (200°- 480°C)
  • Adjustable temperature control dial with lock/set screw
  • Idle temperature stability of ±1.8°F (1.0°C)
  • Ceramic heating element and senor ensure rapid heat-up temperature (30 seconds) and fast thermal recovery
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature setting
  • Slender iron handles are insulated and ergonomically designed for ease and comfort
  • ESD-safe design suitable for controlled environments
  • 5 interchangeable tips suitable for connector solder contacts ranging from #0 to #20
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