MS3126 Connector • Mil Spec Type • (HR06)


This MS3126 type connector plug is compatible with all MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 receptacles. It features an integrated wire sealing splash-proof backshell, while cable clamps provide necessary cable strain relief. Always use a protective cover when plug is disconnected to protect contacts from environmental contaminants and impact.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 CrimpMS3126MS3120, MS3121, MS3122, MS3124
Amphenol MS3126PT06SEPT00SE, PT01SE, PT02SE, PT07SE
Array MS3126PWF06PWF00, PWF01, PWF02, PWF07
ITT Cannon MS3126KPSE06KPSE00, KPSE01, KPSE02, KPSE07
Souriau MS31268510685100, 85101, 85102, 85107

MS3126 Most Popular Partnumbers – Use Part Builder for all

MIL SPEC Part NumberMilnec Part NumberDatasheetCheck Inventory
MS3106E10SL-3SPM06F10SL-3SN MS3106E10SL-3S DatasheetBuy MS3106E10SL-3S
MS3106E10SL-4SPM06F10SL-4SN MS3106E10SL-4S DatasheetBuy MS3106E10SL-4S
MS3106F10SL-3SPM06F10SL-3SN MS3106F10SL-3S DatasheetBuy MS3106F10SL-3S
MS3106F10SL-4SPM06F10SL-4SN MS3106F10SL-4S DatasheetBuy MS3106F10SL-4S
MS3106F16-10SPM06F16-10SN MS3106F16-10S DatasheetBuy MS3106F16-10S
MS3106F16S-1PPM06F16S-1PN MS3106F16S-1P DatasheetBuy MS3106F16S-1P
MS3106F16S-1SPM06F16S-1SN MS3106F16S-1S DatasheetBuy MS3106F16S-1S
MS3106F18-1SPM06F18-1SN MS3106F18-1S DatasheetBuy MS3106F18-1S
MS3106F20-29SPM06F20-29SN MS3106F20-29S DatasheetBuy MS3106F20-29S
MS3106R10SL-3SPM06F10SL-3SN MS3106R10SL-3S DatasheetBuy MS3106R10SL-3S
MS3106A10SL-4SChat with Sales!
MS3106A10SL-3SChat with Sales!
MS3106F14S-6SChat with Sales!
MS3106F14S-2SChat with Sales!
MS3106F14S-6PChat with Sales!
MS3106F14S-2PChat with Sales!
MS3106A18-1SChat with Sales!
MS3106A14S-5SChat with Sales!
MS3106A-14S-6SChat with Sales!
MS3106A16S-1SChat with Sales!
MS3106A14S-2SChat with Sales!