MS3116 Connector • Mil Spec Type • (HM06)

MS3116 Straight Plug



The MS3116 type connector plug is compatible with all MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1 receptacles. It features an integrated wire sealing splash-proof backshell, while cable clamps provide necessary cable strain relief. Always use a protective cover when plug is disconnected to protect contacts from environmental contaminants and impact.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1MS3116MS3110, MS3111, MS3112, MS3114
Amphenol MS3116PT06PT00, PY01, PT02, PT07
Array MS3116PW06PW00, PW01, PW02, PW07
ITT Cannon MS3116KPT06KPT00, KPT01, KPT02, KPT07
Souriau MS31168510685100, 85101, 85102, 85107

Top 10 MS3116 Partnumbers – Use Part Builder for all

MIL SPEC Part NumberMilnec Part NumberDatasheetCheck Inventory
MS3116E8-4SHM06F8-4SN MS3116E8-4S DatasheetBuy MS3116E8-4S
MS3116F10-6PHM06F10-6PN MS3116F10-6P DatasheetBuy MS3116F10-6P
MS3116F10-6SHM06F10-6SN MS3116F10-6S DatasheetBuy MS3116F10-6S
MS3116F12-10PHM06F12-10PN MS3116F12-10P DatasheetBuy MS3116F12-10P
MS3116F12-10SHM06F12-10SN MS3116F12-10S DatasheetBuy MS3116F12-10S
MS3116F14-19PHM06F14-19PN MS3116F14-19P DatasheetBuy MS3116F14-19P
MS3116F8-4PHM06F8-4PN MS3116F8-4P DatasheetBuy MS3116F8-4P
MS3116F8-4SHM06F8-4SN MS3116F8-4S DatasheetBuy MS3116F8-4S
MS3116F14-19SChat with Sales!
MS3116F14-12SChat with Sales!