MS3112 Connector • MIL Spec Circular • (HM02)


The MS3112 type box mount receptacle offers a low-profile rear design without accessory threads, permitting it to be mounted in confined spaces. A gasket is recommended to seal the mounting location. Compatible with MIL-DTL-26482.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1MS3112MS3116
Amphenol MS3112PT02PT06, PT08
Array MS3112PW02PW06, PW08
ITT Cannon MS3112KPT02KPT06, KPT08
Souriau MS31128510285106, 85108

Top 10 MS3112 Partnumbers – Use Part Builder for all

MIL SPEC Part NumberMilnec Part NumberDatasheetCheck Inventory
MS3112E10-6PHM02F10-6PN MS3112E10-6P DatasheetBuy MS3112E10-6P
MS3112E10-6SHM02F10-6SN MS3112E10-6S DatasheetBuy MS3112E10-6S
MS3112E12-10PHM02F12-10PN MS3112E12-10P DatasheetBuy MS3112E12-10P
MS3112E12-10SHM02F12-10SN MS3112E12-10S DatasheetBuy MS3112E12-10S
MS3112E12-3PHM02F12-3PN MS3112E12-3P DatasheetBuy MS3112E12-3P
MS3112E14-19PHM02F14-19PN MS3112E14-19P DatasheetBuy MS3112E14-19P
MS3112E14-19SHM02F14-19SN MS3112E14-19S DatasheetBuy MS3112E14-19S
MS3112E8-4PHM02F8-4PN MS3112E8-4P DatasheetBuy MS3112E8-4P
MS3112E8-4SHM02F8-4SN MS3112E8-4S DatasheetBuy MS3112E8-4S
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