PS Series

waterproof connectors for industrial applications

General-Duty Industrial Power & Signal Solder Connectors

The PS Series of heavy duty environmental connectors provides a complete solution for mixed power and signal cables engineered for the toughest industrial applications. Environmentally resistant backshells come standard on PS Series connectors and give them an IP67 protection rating. Contacts come ready for solder termination right out of the box. They are pre-installed, aligned, and tinned. The PS Series offers a complete line of accessories and all-in-one kits that include everything required for high-reliability electrical connections.

For additional help in specifying your connector solution, please contact a Milnec sales professional, or your authorized distributor for technical and sales support.

PS Series Connectors

Series Catalog

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof (IP67 Rated)
  • 126 Insert Arrangements
  • Individual Wire Sealing
  • #22 to #0 AWG Compatible
  • 150 Amps Rated
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Shells
  • Sealing Accessory Kits Available
  • O-Ring Seal on Coupling Ring
  • 500 hour Salt Spray Rating
  • Full Range of Accessories Available

Straight Plug • PS06

Cable plug with integrated backshell


A cable plug with an integrated backshell provides all-in-one IP67 environmental protection, including moisture sealing and strain relief. When disconnected, the plug should be sealed with a protective cover to ensure high reliability.

Data Sheets

PS06 Straight Plug

90° Plug • PS08

Plugs for receptacles in confined spaces


A 90° plug is ideal for connections in confined spaces. Angled plugs may also be used to provide simple cable management in high-density panels. An integrated backshell provides environmental sealing and strain relief. A protective cover is recommended when not in use.

Data Sheets

PS08 90 Plug

Wall Mount Receptacle • PS00

Panel mounting with all-in-one protection


The wall mount receptacle is a basic receptacle with a four-hole flange and an integrated backshell that provides environmental sealing and strain relief behind the panel. A mounting gasket is recommended to seal the mounting location.

Data Sheets

PS00 Wall Mount Receptacle

Box Mount Receptacle • PS02

Short rear profile receptacle for tight spaces


Box mount receptacles have the same mounting flange as wall mount receptacles, but they do not have accessory threads for backshells. Their low rear profile permits mounting in confined spaces or where backshells are not required. A mounting gasket is recommended to seal the mounting location.

Data Sheets

PS02 Box Mount Receptacle

Cable Mount Receptacle • PS01

Receptacle for extension cord applications


Cable mount receptacles are usually mounted to loose cables rather than a panel. An integrated backshell provides both strain relief and environmental protection. Covers are recommended to protect contacts and coupling threads from damage.

Data Sheets

PS01 Cable Mount Receptacle

Cable Bushing • PSRB

Protects wires & provides additional sealing


Neoprene cable bushings provide an additional environmental seal, and they protect the wire jackets from friction against the strain relief clamps.

Data Sheets

PSRB Cable Bushing

Protective Covers • PSCP/PSCR

Seal and protect all uncoupled connectors


Connectors should always be paired with protective covers to environmentally seal and protect the connector from damage. In addition to protecting contacts, covers also protect the coupling threads from impact and debris, ensuring reliable coupling.

Data Sheets

PSCP Protective Covers

Stowage Receptacle • PSCD

Store and safely isolate unmated cables


Prevent operator injury and connector damage by providing a safe place to stow and organize unused cables. Solid flange (PSCC) stowage receptacles are available when full environmental sealing is required. Covers are also recommended to keep unused stowage receptacles clean and dry.

Data Sheets

PSCD Stowage Receptacle

Mounting Gasket • PSGE

Environmentally seal your mounting point


Mounting gaskets will seal the mounting space between the receptacles and the panel to maintain the environmental integrity of your enclosure. They may be used in either rear or front mount receptacle installations.

Data Sheets

PSGE Mounting Gasket

Mounting Bracket & Screws • PSMB

Decrease the number of mounting components


Mounting brackets with captive stainless steel locking nuts prevent loose fasteners from falling into susceptible areas, which may cause equipment failure. Optional sealing screws with O-rings will effectively seal the mounting holes on your enclosure from water ingress.

Data Sheets

PSMB Mounting Bracket & Screws