D38999 Type Connectors With PCB Standoffs • (TX30/TX37)


Get a PC tail contact solution for MIL-DTL-38999 Series III style connectors quickly and easily by ordering a Milnec TX Series connector preloaded with reliable PCB contacts. PC tail contacts offer a number of design advantages by permitting the use of ruggedized connectors directly mounted to the PC board of sophisticated electronics without the use of pigtails or bulky terminal blocks. Built-in PCB standoffs provide contact and connector support by installing directly to the PC board.


Compatible BrandsPlugsReceptacles
MIL-DTL-38999 Series IIID38999/26D38999/20, D38999/24
Aero/ConesysAE326AE320, AE324
AmphenolTV06, TVS06TVP00, TVPS00, TVP07, TVPS07
DeutschDTS26DTS20, DTS24
Souriau8D5, 8DS06G8D0, 8D1, 8D7, 8DS00, 8DS07