AS95234/8 Reverse Bayonet Jam Nut Receptacle • (RS07)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


The RS07 style jam nut receptacle features a single-hole mounting design with an integrated O-ring, making it the best option to maintain the environmental integrity of your enclosure. Rear accessory threads accept protective backshells. A cover is recommended to protect contacts when the receptacle is not is use.

Cross-Reference & Compatibility

Compatible BrandsEquivalentsMates
AS95234AS95234/8AS95234/6, AS95234/9
VG95234VG95234 Jam Nut ReceptacleVG95234 Plugs
AmphenolGTS070, GTC070, 97B-3107, 97B-4107GTS06, GTC06, ACA3106-B, 97B-3106, 97B-4106
ITT CannonCA3106-B, CB6CA3100-B, CA3101-B, CA3102-B, CB0, CB1, CB2
VeamCIR06CIR00, CIR020, CIR030, CIR070