AS95234 Reverse Bayonet Dust Covers • (RSCP/RSCR)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


Protect your MIL-DTL-22992 connectors and contacts from damage and environmental exposure by covering them when not in use. The inner gasket provides environmental sealing while the wire rope attachment keeps the cover close at hand.


Compatible BrandsPlugsReceptacles
AS95234AS95234/6, AS95234/9AS95234/1, AS95234/2, AS95234/3, AS95234/4, AS95234/5, AS95234/6, AS95234/7, AS95234/8, AS95234/9
VG95234VG95234 PlugsVG95234 Receptacles
AmphenolGTS06, GTC06, ACA3106-B, 97B-3106, 97B-4106GTS00, GTS01, GTS02, GTS030, GTS070, GTC00, GTC01, GTC02, GTC030, GTC070, ACA3100-B, ACA3101-B, ACA3102-B, ACA3103-B, 97B-3100, 97B-3101, 97B-3102, 97B-3103, 97B-3107, 97B-4100, 97B-4101, 97B-4102, 97B-4103, 97B-4107
ITT CannonCA3106-B, CB6CA3100-B, CA3101-B, CA3102-B, CB0, CB1, CB2
VeamCIR06CIR00, CIR020, CIR030, CIR070