AS95234 Reverse Bayonet Contacts

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


The RS Series offers replacement crimp contacts in sizes #0 to #16 that are fully compatible with MIL-DTL-22992. In addition, all the related tooling is available, including insertion and removal tools and crimpers and positioners.


Compatible BrandsCompatible Connectors
AS95234AS95234/1, AS95234/2, AS95234/3, AS95234/4, AS95234/5, AS95234/6, AS95234/7, AS95234/8, AS95234/9
VG95234VG95234 Plugs, VG95234 Receptacles
AmphenolGTS00, GTS01, GTS02, GTS030, GTS06, GTS070, GTC00, GTC01, GTC02, GTC030, GTC06, GTC070, ACA3100-B, ACA3101-B, ACA3102-B, ACA3103-B, ACA3106-B, 97B-3100, 97B-3101, 97B-3102, 97B-3103, 97B-3106, 97B-3107, 97B-4100, 97B-4101, 97B-4102, 97B-4103, 97B-4106, 97B-4107
ITT CannonCA3100-B, CA3101-B, CA3102-B, CA3106-B, CB0, CB1, CB2, CB6
VeamCIR00, CIR020, CIR030, CIR06, CIR070