AS95234 Reverse Bayonet Mounting Bracket & Screws • (RSMB)

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Mounting brackets designed for 5015 reverse bayonet connectors feature captive stainless steel locking nuts that prevent loose fasteners from falling into susceptible areas, which may cause equipment failure. Optional sealing screws with O-rings will effectively seal the mounting holes on your enclosure from water ingress.


Compatible BrandsReceptacles
AS95234AS95234/2, AS95234/3, AS95234/4, AS95234/5
VG95234VG95234 Receptacles
AmphenolGTS00, GTS02, GTS030, GTC00, GTC02, GTC030, ACA3100-B, ACA3102-B, ACA3103-B, 97B-3100, 97B-3102, 97B-3103, 97B-4100, 97B-4102, 97B-4103
GlenairITS3100, ITS3102, ITS31030, ITS4100, ITS4102, ITS41030
ITT CannonCA3100-B, CA3102-B, CB0, CB2
SpacecraftSCPB00, SCPB020, SCPB030
VeamCIR00, CIR020, CIR030

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