AS95234 Reverse Bayonet Mounting Gasket • (RSGE)

Compatible Components & Cross-Reference


RSGE mounting gaskets will seal the space between reverse bayonet receptacles and a panel to maintain the environmental integrity of your enclosure. They may be used in either rear or front mount receptacle installations.


Compatible BrandsReceptacles
AS95234AS95234/2, AS95234/3, AS95234/4, AS95234/5
VG95234VG95234 Receptacles
AmphenolGTS00, GTS02, GTS030, GTC00, GTC02, GTC030, ACA3100-B, ACA3102-B, ACA3103-B, 97B-3100, 97B-3102, 97B-3103, 97B-4100, 97B-4102, 97B-4103
ITT CannonCA3100-B, CA3102-B, CB0, CB2
VeamCIR00, CIR020, CIR030

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